Once upon a time in fairy tale sewing land…

First up I’ve been sewing but not blogging.  There are probably many reasons for this. All of them closely linked to what I have been working on and best explained as a modern day fairy tale.  It goes something like this…


Once upon a time there was a middle aged slightly deluded woman who dreamed of making a princess line dress with piping down the princess line seams.   The idea for this dress swirled around in her mind for many months.  However there were always other things that needed her attention. Finally, after singlehandedly bringing in the harvest, tending the livestock, digging a well and raising a barn she took the ultimate step and committed to making the much dreamed of dress.

To select the fabric for the dress the deluded woman visited the magical fabric cave that existed in a recently renovated room of her humble four bedroom, two bathroom castle.   On close inspection the magic fabric cave revealed a beautiful blue fabric that looked just perfect and would surely make the most wondrous princess line dress in all the land.

Blue fabric suitable for wondrous princess-seam dress

Blue fabric suitable for wondrous princess-seam dress

With scissors, pins and a magical machine the  deluded woman toiled for many long hours to perfect a gown of great design and beauty.  Such was her concentration the livestock wandered off, the well caved in and the barn collapsed.  But did she notice? No, for she was far too busy with her sewing!

Finally the time came to show her dress to a wicked, wicked, appliance known by some in the land as ….the iron. Now the iron was reasonably new to the castle and could be temperamental, some might even say SPITEFUL!

Exhibit A:  Spiteful Appliance aka The Iron

Exhibit A: Spiteful Appliance aka The Iron. Notice the nasty point at the top!

As she obediently pressed seams and ironed on interfacing the wicked iron pretended it was the deluded woman’s friend.  It used its evil sorcery to convince the deluded woman that she didn’t need to use a pressing cloth.  Until at a fateful moment it struck with swift and unbelievable vengeance!


Exhibit B: A re-creation of the crime scene.

Wailing and cries of distress as never heard before echoed throughout the humble four bedroom two bathroom castle. The wondrous dress was ruined, for shiny patches and worse (a scorched hole)  had appeared on the front panels and on the shoulders of the dress.  The deluded woman thought about this for a while, grieved slightly and then did what all deluded, reasonable and fair-minded women throughout the land do – she took her  scissors and cut it up!

In her frenzy of destruction the deluded woman had the presence of mind to cut/hack out the piping. (She wasn’t sure why she did this but it seemed like a very good idea at the time.)

Exhibit C:  All that remains

Exhibit C: All that remains

The carcass of the dress was flung into the rubbish never to be seen again for it was truly too horrific to be gazed upon.

The deluded  woman was momentarily  miserable. So many questions – Why didn’t she  use a pressing cloth?  Why didn’t she realise that  this fabric while lovely to sew had enough synthetic fibres to make it one step away from plastic  cling  wrap? Why was she foolish enough to trust the nasty evil iron?

But then she bounced back.  Let’s make another dress she thought. This time with a cotton fabric  that may crush a little but  would not be suitable for wrapping sandwiches in.  And so she did. And here it is.

A slightly deluded middle aged woman wearing a no drama dress. Apologies for the squinty face but it was sunny that morning.

A slightly deluded middle aged woman wearing a no drama dress. Apologies for the squinty face but it was sunny that morning.

The gods were smiling on the deluded woman and the dress sewed up a dream with no dramas or wicked tricks by certain appliances.  The deluded woman has comfortably worn this dress many times.   In fact she now thinks that she likes it more than any other dress in all the land.  Even this…


Still deluded 🙂

And so peace and harmony reigned once more throughout the land…

About Sew it up Buttercup

I love to sew and I love to talk about sewing. I also love reading about fashion designers and how they develop their ideas.
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5 Responses to Once upon a time in fairy tale sewing land…

  1. This made me laugh, thank you! You better find a good use for that piping now! 😉 and I love the colorful fabric you chose for the second dress it turned out great!


  2. Corry says:

    Helen the dress what to sat. Am sure the first one cannot have been so good. Love the story. Corry


  3. tinandtimber says:

    Hilarious! I love the second dress though! Looks like much better fabric than the first one!


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