Like a camel through the eye of a needle Part II…the sequel we had to have

Hey everyone

My sewing room is done.  To be honest it was done about 3 weeks ago but “slack attack buttercup” has not done a blog post (hang your head in shame woman!).

Anyhow moving right along, I’m really pleased with how my room has turned out.  You may remember that I had a big pile stuff that you can see here, and I wasn’t sure how it was all going to fit back into my sewing room.

Well voila!

Sew tidy!!

This is the dress I am currently working on

I have to thank my husband for putting all the pics and shelves up on the walls.  He has been very patient with my. ..”just there, no not there – here” type of instructions.

Jean Paul G. and I have had many discussions about how I can improve my sewing 🙂

I keep favourite patterns in this old dressing table and others in a big filing cabinet.  I think I have too many patterns!

Patterns in here

Patterns in here

See everything put away neat and tidy!!

See,  everything put away neat and tidy!!

When I started this project I really wanted to get rid of anything that I no longer wanted.  I was pretty brutal in throwing out or donating things that I had no use for.  What I discovered along the way was that this type of clearing out was actually quite liberating and once you get started it’s a bit addictive.  So now I have started cleaning out other rooms in my house in a similar fashion. I find myself looking at things and asking myself “keep it or bin it?”  It’s all very enjoyable and I’d better stop rabbiting on about it because I am putting myself to sleep:)

I should add that one of the the best things about cleaning out your sewing room is all the great stuff that you find. For a while there it was like Christmas morning and my birthday every day!  I found beautiful fabrics that I had packed away in boxes and forgotten all about.  It also gave me the opportunity to gather all the laces and trims that I had collected over the years  and store them into one box.  I did the same with zippers and interfacings.  Who is Little Miss Organised now?  Yes that would be me!

You may also recall from my last blog post that cleaning out my sewing room revealed a slightly disturbing fixation with cane baskets.  I’m not sure how common this fixation is but I believe I could be a strong contender for President of the Cane Basket Collectors Club.   I am now happy to report that all of the offending cane baskets have gone to better homes.  However in my haste to get my room operational again I overlooked this little beauty…

She's a cheeky little number that sits quietly and minds her own business!

She’s a cheeky little number that sits quietly in the corner and minds her own business!

Oh well nobody’s perfect 🙂

About Sew it up Buttercup

I love to sew and I love to talk about sewing. I also love reading about fashion designers and how they develop their ideas.
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6 Responses to Like a camel through the eye of a needle Part II…the sequel we had to have

  1. Barbara says:

    Looks great, sew sew tidy. My sewing space was a mess and today i got some selving and boxes and it’s on it’s way to looking good. I also found lots of lovely fabric I’d forgotten about, fun and enjoyable, I agree.


  2. I am thoroughly impressed. I imagine lots of us could do with following your lead – I know I should😉


  3. hmm… very nice, and tidy… this was March, how is it now? 🙂


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