Like a camel through the eye of a needle

Sometime last year we decided that my sewing room needed a  make-over.    All of my “bargains” and “good sewing buys” over the years had accumulated to the point where I couldn’t find anything. However, while this was both frustrating and annoying, I also knew how big a job it was going to be to clean out my room and get it ready for a make-over.  After a couple of months of thinking about it, for  some unknown reason last week we decided to get cracking and just do it. (Don’t ask me why but that’s how things seem to happen in my house.)

To get started we spent half a day pulling everything out of what is actually a pretty small sewing room.  This in itself was quite shocking because it really brought home how much stuff I had squirreled away in there.   When I saw everything sitting in a pile in my lounge room my first thought was – HOLY CRAP! Why have I got so much stuff?  My next thought was HOLY CRAP! How did I fit this much stuff in there?

Just some of the stuff that came out of my sewing room

Just some of the stuff that came out of my sewing room


More stuff

More stuff that has to come out of the room

After staring in stunned disbelief I slowly came to the decision that some of this stuff just had to go (not rocket science I know).   I should add here that if this heap of stuff had been plonked anywhere but the lounge room it may have been easy to ignore it for a bit longer.  But alas no.  When you have to tip-toe a path through to the kitchen you know you are in trouble.  I also had visions of a camera crew showing up at my house and asking if I’d like to be on an Australian version of “Hoarders – Women who buy too much sewing stuff!!!”

The task of getting rid of stuff actually became quite liberating once I started culling things I knew I didn’t need.  For example cane baskets.  For some reason I seem to collect these like crazy cat ladies collect… cats (obviously!) I mean why have one cane basket if you can have three? It didn’t matter that they weren’t holding anything particularly important. With my new found determination to deal harshly with excess baggage, I calmly consigned all three of the offending baskets to the recycling bin.

For some reason I thought that cane baskets were the secret to good sewing!

For some reason I thought that cane baskets were the secret to good sewing!

The next big job on my list is to start sorting out my fabrics.  I have a sneaky suspicion that once I start this job I will find out that I have enough fabric to make a pair of shorts for half the population of Brisbane!  I’m not sure if I can be as ruthless with my precious fabric as I was with my cane baskets though. I mean to say you have to draw the line somewhere….

A sewing room make-over is not a job for the faint of heart.  However, now that we are about to commence painting (by that I mean my husband will start painting) I’m starting to get excited.  How excited do you ask?  Well it’s a toss up between a fourteen year old who has just won tickets to a One Direction concert and that feeling you get when you can do up your jeans without having to suck your stomach in!!!

Hopefully my next post will show you my finished sewing room in all its glory.  What’s that I hear.. someone has a cane basket they don’t need…sorry gotta go 🙂


About Sew it up Buttercup

I love to sew and I love to talk about sewing. I also love reading about fashion designers and how they develop their ideas.
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