Hang onto your coconuts…it’s hula time!


Well hello 2015!

I’m slowly easing into what I know is going to be a pretty hectic year  – my Mum’s 80th birthday, my parents 60th wedding anniversary plus we are planning an overseas holiday.  On top of all of that I also have a full time job, books to read, movies to watch, recipes to try out, vegetables to grow, flowers to plant and poodles to love!

Just reading all that makes me think I will be lucky if I get to sew a button on a sock this year. However, I have made a pact with myself to sew two outfits each month. The only months that are excluded are May and June which is when I will be on holidays.  Of course making myself stick to this pact may require a good dose of “Suck it up buttercup” but I will give it my best shot.

As promised in my last post I have made a dress in one of the bright and colourful  floral cottons from the Fabric Shop at Robina.  This is how it turned out.


I feel like I should be holidaying in Fiji or Hawaii when I wear this dress.  It’s quite comfortable and I think I will wear it a lot this summer.  I altered my pattern block to make a princess line dress with the princess seams starting at the shoulders rather than from the armholes.  I think you can see this a bit more clearly in these photos.



I’m wearing sunglasses because it was a hot and windy day and then it got cloudy and crappy.  Definitely not the best day for taking photos.

While the final product is not purrfect I think I am getting there. I still need to work on the neckline a bit more before I am satisfied with this pattern.  I also need to improve the fit somewhat because although it feels comfortable it wrinkles a bit.  Or is that more to do with the fabric???  On the plus side, one of the best things I found about using my own pattern block  was that the curved princess seams sew together like a dream.  Sometimes on commercial patterns I find that these seams can be painfully frustrating to put together.  But with my own pattern block I had no problems whatsoever.

I’m finding that I enjoy pattern making. The whole process is challenging but in a good way (thanks Alison).    I have also been watching  Suzy Furrer’s creative darts and seam lines  course on Craftsy.  Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!  Gotta love the internet.

And another thing…

Reading – One of my daughters bought Vivienne Westwood’s autobiography me for Xmas.  I didn’t really know much about Vivienne apart from all the punk stuff, but this book is excellent.  She is quite the amazing woman.

Watching – I went to see St Vincent with Bill Murray last weekend.  Loved it 🙂

Interesting – Check this out Vogue models as barbie dolls So clever and takes me back to my own childhood and also when my girls were growing up and playing with Barbies.  Some of these models really do look like Barbie dolls in boxes.  My favourite is the Louis Vuitton.

Well I’m off to Melbourne for the weekend.  Hopefully I will get to check out the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at the National Gallery.  If it’s anything like the Valentino exhibition we had here in Brisbane a couple of years ago I will be …. beaming, buoyant, beatific and blessed …yes I have a thesaurus 🙂

Gotta go!









About Sew it up Buttercup

I love to sew and I love to talk about sewing. I also love reading about fashion designers and how they develop their ideas.
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