Take a big deep breath… and we’re off and racing!

Hello! (bonjour, hola, namaste, ni hao, guten tag, bon giorno, hej and g’day) and welcome to Sew it up Buttercup!

I started this blog to get me out of my sewing comfit zone, to stretch my sewing skills and to learn new things.  What was the inspiration for the title of this blog?  Well I can honestly say I that when it comes to sewing I am one of the world’s best procrastinators.  When I have a sewing project in mind sometimes I think and do and other times I just think. When I’m tired of thinking I often think a bit more. End result – zilch, zero, nothin.  Sound familiar? So this blog is going to break that filthy habit…no pressure!

I’m not a brilliant sewer yet but I’m working on it. My success rate is a bit hit and miss but I don’t mind the fails as long as I learn something. Here’s a little something I whipped up recently:

Posing for this photo is not as easy as I thought it would be!!

Posing for this photo is not as easy as I thought it would be!!

It’s a pretty straight forward princess line dress made from Butterick 5588. I cut it out as a size 14.  The only adjustments I made were to lower the neckline a bit (it looked like I was choking myself) and add an extra 1.5cm to the side seams to accommodate my wobbly friend…aka fat stomach!

I bought the fabric from the Fabric Collection here in Brisbane.  It is a cotton with a very slight stretch.  It was a dream to sew and I just lurve the colours and the bright flowery pattern!

Butterick 5588 Fast and Easy

Butterick 5588 Fast and Easy

This is an oldy but a goody pattern which I have had for donkeys years.  It has 9 different variations of the basic princess line dress which allows you to be a bit creative.  If you have this pattern and it looks a bit different to my photo that’s because one of my girls must have decided to colour in the dresses on the pattern cover.  My girls are both now well in their twenties and definitely past the colouring stage, but that gives you a fair idea of how long I have had this pattern in my stash.

My next project is to create a dress using my pattern block.  I’ve had this block for ages and hardly used it.Ultimately I would like to have a tried and tested pattern that I can reach for any time I want to whip up a quick dress or top.  Shouldn’t be too hard you’d think…yeah right!

Just before I go – At the moment…

I’m listening to – a mixture of  50s, 60s and 70s music (some are songs I grew up with and some are songs from before I was born – how good was Connie Francis!!)

I’m readingA tree grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (I like a book that makes you feel like you know the characters).  I have also just finished reading Gone Girl – its excellent and so is the movie

I’m loving – my overlocker (I just had it serviced and it runs like a dream)

I’m wanting – an MX5 (been wanting that one for a while)

I’m needing – a holiday – somewhere, anywhere, please!!!

I’m stalking – a Cover Stitch machine (not sure how much I’d use it though)

Wow!  My very first blog post done and dusted.

What are you reading?  What do you think of cover stitch machines?  Why is abbreviation such a long word??

About Sew it up Buttercup

I love to sew and I love to talk about sewing. I also love reading about fashion designers and how they develop their ideas.
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4 Responses to Take a big deep breath… and we’re off and racing!

  1. Pauline Simpson says:

    Hello Helen, that’s all very inspiring. Love the dress, makes me want to buy a pattern and material and make myself a similar dress. Enjoy yourself


  2. Margarose says:

    Deconstructing Helen, not unpicking!!! Anyway I find it therapeutic, mindless. I like the floral fabric and you do take a good photo. Yes the metal zip would have been too heavy for a simple cotton dress. Check out the stores and you will probably find that dresses with big zips have fabrics that are a lot heavier. Did you adjust the pattern for next time, after your friend fitted the green dress on you? I write notes. Presently, I think I’m collecting unfinished dresses…….


  3. miss_ananya says:

    Hi.. I know nothing about stiching but I love the way you have written your first blog post.. 😇😇


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